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This website serves as a modern and attractive communication tool for businesses and tourists being interesting in the product Baltic Sea.  Here we provide relevant information about the destinations Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Poland and Lithuania and create a platform for exchange.  The Baltic Sea shall be communicated as an attractive holiday destination and to provide transnational touristic offers.  The destination is illustrated with many appealing pictures and local contact details can be found. Further, because of the international approach of the project, visitors can visit the website in many different languages. A social media Facebook site can be entered via the website as well. Website visitors are further invited to leave comments.


About the ESB Project


The Enjoy South Baltic Project is a new and innovative cross-border project; implemented by partners from Poland, Lithuania and Germany. The aim of the project is to strengthen the image and competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region as an attractive tourist destination. Throughout direct cooperation with the private sector, the tourist offer of the region should become more noticeable on the global tourist market.

The first stage of the project implementation focuses on creating new touristic products and packages, based on unique resources and visible trends. The second step is designed to release new products to the Swiss, Austrian, Russian and British market.

It is vital to connect Baltic Sea tour operators and tourist agencies with representatives of the tourist industry in the perspective destination countries. Tourist branch SME´s are key partners in the tourist offer management and selling system. Joining forces will benefit both the region and its tourist industry.


The Website Setting


The website is structured in 3 topics.

The first section is called “Destination Baltic Sea” and presents highlights about the regions. Information for different themes and travel facts can be found and examples are provided.

The second section is the “travel offers”, also called marketplace where businesses can find route proposals, local contacts and make use of the website as an exchange platform.

The third category is the “ESB Project”, presenting project-related issues, news, publications and all partner presentations.


Destination Baltic Sea


The Baltic Sea means golden sand beaches, a fresh seabreeze and screeching seagulls. Dip into the Baltic Sea! The wave crests will pleasantly massage your body while your skin profits from all the natural seawater ingredients.

These emotions are to be aroused in this website section and different themes lure tourists to the Baltic Sea. To these themes belong culture (heritage, towns, events and tradition) maritime (water activities and events), nature (activities and protected areas), spa & health and travel facts.


Interesting Travel Offers


In this website section routes and offers are displayed, clustered according to the topics mentioned above. Tour operators and destination marketing organizations that have these offers in their portfolio are portrayed and website visitors can directly find their contact details displayed.